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The history of people keeps on names of its great sons: recollecting, for example, history of England, at once you will name of known kings, politicians Cromwell and Churchill, writers Shakespeare and Byron, scientists Newton, Faraday and Rutherford, and concerning history of Russia - Ivan Groznyy and Peter the Great, writers Pushkin and Bunin, scientists Lomonosov, Mendeleyev, Pavlov... That is names of those who have left an appreciable trace in history of the states and a world civilization, promoted the world popularity of people. In this context the scientific and state activity of the first Kazakh professional mountain engineer-geologist, the founder of the Academy of sciences of Kazakhstan and first academician Kanysh Imantaevich Satpaev (1899 - 1964) get a key role and value in history of Kazakhstan, first of all its newest history.

Not the secret, optimism of prospects of economic development of Kazakhstan is connected with its huge underground natural riches in which today we trade “Urbi еt Orbi”. Meanwhile in the middle of the twentieth years of past XX century the territory of Kazakhstan in the geological attitude represented “a white spot”, and it was necessary long-term Satpaev’s work and the school of the Kazakhstan geologists -scientists and experts - for the proof that in resources of Kazakhstan there are practically all elements of the Mendeleyev table. Let’s not be under a delusion, pragmatic foreign investors today put the considerable capitals to Kazakhstan not because here there live remarkable dzhigits and girls. They put the finance in ours resources both our rather developed extractive and processing industry. Low bow for that to Satpaev and its pupils though still half a century back Kanysh Imantaevich warned, that only “reasonable use of our natural riches will define a material well-being and a cultural level of people, its economic and social development”.

Since 1926 in first four years of work on Zhezkazgan to the pupil of Russian academicians-geologists Usov and Obruchev to young mountain engineer Kanysh Satpaev with small group of researchers it was possible in four hundred fifty time to increase the explored stocks of ores, having placed an order on the world’s largest deposit of copper. In the autumn of 1934 Satpaev achieves carrying out in Moscow session of the Academy of sciences of the USSR on problems of Zhezkazgan (we shall notice, that the science in Kazakhstan in those days was in embryo), and then the state decision on construction of Zhezkazgan copper-smelting combine, city of miners of Zhezkazgan and the railway to it.

In the same thirtieth years on the basis of deep complex studying a raw-material base of the Central Kazakhstan young mountain engineer Satpaev on a regular basis acts in the central and republican press, proving prospects of prospecting works on ferriferous ores, oil and gas, coal in huge region. He devotes a number of the publications of an opportunity of construction near Karaganda metallurgical combine, proceeding from regulations about of the leading part of ferrous metallurgy in rise of economy and culture of Kazakhstan.

In June, 1941 Kanysh Imantaevich has been invited to Alma-Ata to head just the open Institute of geological sciences, and then a management of the Kazakh branch of the Academy of sciences of the USSR. In military years there was a high-grade leap in development of a science of Kazakhstan (to note enough, that the quantity of scientific research institutes has increased from 1 in the beginning of war up to 15 by its end) that has allowed to open in 1946 the Academy of sciences of Kazakh SSR by which first president by the right has been elected Kanysh Imantaevich Satpaev.

From first years of its basis the main maintenance of activity of a young Academy of sciences became the complex researches directed on development of productive forces and culture of Kazakhstan: new institutes - nuclear; mathematicians and mechanics; hydrogeology and hydrophysics; chemistry of oil and natural salts in Gurjev; chemical-metallurgical in Karaganda; Altay mountain-metallurgical in Ust Kamenogorsk; ichthyology and a fish facilities in Balkhash; experimental biology; economy; philosophies and the rights; literatures and arts; linguistics have been opened.

Wreath of long-term work of Institute of geological sciences became development of a technique and drawing up of not having analogue in a world geological practice complex forecast metallogeny maps of the Central Kazakhstan - an outstanding contribution to the geological theory, the original encyclopedia of region and a compass for geologists-experts. For this work the group of authors of developers led by Satpaev K.I. has noted been by the Lenin premium, the maximum award for the Soviet scientists.

From the general problems and plans Kanysh Imantaevich has allocated the most important, the most essential: in power is development of resources of Irtysh, oil resources of Ural-Emba area and peninsula Mangyshlak, the further development of a coal mining in the Karaganda pool and Ekibastuz, investigation on oil in Torgay hollow. In the industry - is construction of Sokolov Sarbay mountain-concentrating combine and the metallurgical giant in Temirtau, manufacture of mineral fertilizers on the basis of deposits of phosphorites of Karatau. Today these problems are practically solved, and in many respects owing to their decision the economy of Kazakhstan nowadays has the certain industrial potential, the reliable base to the confident growth and promotion forward.

The destiny has entrusted to Satpaev to supervise over huge collectives, its all life has passed with people, in public and for people. Our contemporary, Almaty student Andrey Chursov in the work at competition “Satpaev – our contemporary”, spent a year of 100-years anniversary of the great scientist, has noticed the following: “Art of dialogue with people by means of a free and tactful exchange of ideas and feelings is the most valuable quality for each scientist. This gift depends first of all on understanding both our own motives of behavior, and motives of behavior of other people. Kanysh Imantaevich owned the gift of dialogue in perfection”.

Today Satpaev’s pupils and followers, without exaggeration, it is possible to name practically all Kazakhstan geologists, and not only geologists.

Academician Satpaev with good reason can be named the direct follower and continuer of patriotic and educational undertakings and achievements a brilliant galaxy of highly educated Kazakh philosophers, politicians, scientists and the teachers, generated in the beginning of XX century under influence of humanistic and democratic ideas of great Abay.

The aspiration of independent Kazakhstan to economic and cultural prosperity is impossible without familiarizing to advanced achievements of scientific and technical progress on which ways the mankind moves. It will predetermine also the future interest of young Kazakh people to history of the science and its nice names, to the person of the great scientist and the organizer of a science, whose engineering and technical creativity has obtained the world recognition, for a life of academician Kanysh Imantaevich Satpaev - an outstanding example of selfless work on the Native land, for the public good.