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To the 70 – year anniversary of the academician of Academy of sciences of the Higher school of Kazakhstan, professor Musabekov K.B.

Musabekov Kuanishbek Bituovich – is the Doctor of Chemical sciences, professor, the honours of education, the academician of Academy of sciences of RK Higher School, a member of the international Colloids Association, a member of the Royal chemical society of England. He was head of chair of colloid chemistry and chemical enzimology (1973-2000), head of chair of catalisys, colloid chemistry and petrochemistry (2000-2009) of al-Farabi Kazakh national university, now he is the professor of this chair. During the period with 1987 for 1995 he had been the dean chemical faculty. He is the founder of colloid-chemical school of Kazakhstan which known in the UIS and in distant abroad.

Musabekov K.B. was born on May, 15th, 1940 in Turkestan. In 1959 he entered biological faculty of the S.M. Kirov Kazakh state university. The meeting with the great scientist - the dean of the chemical faculty KazSU, the member-correspondent of Kazakh SSR Academy of sciences, professor B.A.Beremzhanov changes the destiny of Kuanyshbek Bituovich. He moved on chemical faculty of KazSU.

After the graduating of chemical faculty he worked as the senior laborant in ion exchange of pitchs laboratory of the Institute of chemical sciences of Kazakh SSR Academy of sciences. In 1965 the director of institute academician A.B. Bekturov under the recommendation of academician S.R. Rafikov directed Musabekov K.B. for postgraduate courses of Institute of high-molecular compounds of АS of the USSR (Leningrad), a large centre of science with a world name and the developed traditions. His supervisor was known scientist in the field of fiziko-chemistry on ionic exchange professor G.V. Samsonov. Kuanyshbek Bituovich researched methods of synthesis of new generation cationites possessing high equilibrium and kinetic permeability for ions of difficult organic compounds - medicines, alkaloids, vitamins, fibers etc. The creation of such ionits promoted for progressive technologies of allocation, division and clearing of difficult organic substances. The results of the scientific researches were generalised in his candidate’s thesis « Studying of hydration and permeability of sulfocationites containing polymethylen-dimethakrylamid as a bridge formation component». He protected the thesis successfully in 1969.

Then Musabekov K.B. came back to Institutes of Chemical Sciences of KazSSR AS. In 1970 professor B.A. Beremzhanov invited him to chemical faculty of KazSU. In the spring of 1971the head of chair of physical chemistry and electrochemistry academician M.I.Usanovich sent Musabekov for scientific trip to the outstanding scientist academician P.A.Rebinder on chair of colloid chemistry of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow state university. In 1972 B.A.Beremzhanov on the basis of physical chemistry and electrochemistry KazSU created chair of colloid chemistry which head K.B.Musabekov.

Academicians P.A. Rebinder, E.D. Shchukin, A.I. Rusanov, N.V. Pertsov, K.S. Ahmedov, professors V.N. Izmailova, B.D. Summ, N.N. Kruglitsky, A.A. Baran together with K.B. Musabekov defined the priority problems of colloid-chemical researches in Kazakhstan and scientific directions of new chair.

K.B.Musabekov`s further scientific and pedagogical activity is connected with colloid chemistry chair which he supervised during the long period from 1973 till 2009.

Scientific cooperation with academicians B.A.Zhubanov, E.E.Ergozhin, E.M.Shajhutdinov, K.S.Ahmedov, A.B.Zezin, E.A.Bekturov, K.A.Zhubanov, professors I.A.Gritskova, I.A.Tutorski, and I.M. Papisov initiated the beginning of new researches - studying of interaction of water-soluble polymers with surface-active substances in solutions and on interphase borders. In 1984 Musabekov K.B. in M.V. Lomonosov Moscow institute of thin chemical technologies protected successfully the thesis for a doctor's degree on a theme «Colloid-chemical bases of use association of polyelectrolytes with surface-active substances on interphases» and in 1986 he obtained the academic status of the professor.

The fundamental researches of K.B.Musabekov of laws of water soluble polymers (WSP) with surface-active substances (SAS) in water solutions showed that formation of such associates accompanied by essential exchanges of gidrophile-lipophile balance and macromolecule charge and conformations. It is a theoretical basis for creation of a composition WSP-SAS with regulated physical and chemical properties. Scientific bases of polyelectrolytes-SAS complexes with adjustable properties (diphilities, electrostatic free energy and macromolecule conformations) in water and organic environments were obtained. On the basis of the equilibrium theory was shown the high cooperativity of formations of complexes of SAS with linear and netting polyelectrolytes by means of electrostatic and hidrophobic interactions. The criterion of formation of soluble complexes, the triple complexes including SPE and ions of transitive metals and surface-active substances was offered.

By thorough researches of WSP properties and their associates with SAS on easy removable borders of liquid/gas, a liquid/liquid it was established sinergatical effect of foam formation, emulsion abilities. It was shown that at association on border of phases formed interphase adsorbtion layers (IAL) which provide structurally-mechanical and thermodynamic factors of stabilisation of disperse systems.

K.B.Musabekov researched the modifying action on firm surfaces of diphilic WSP and their associates to establish possibility of essential change of hydrophile-lipophile properties of firm surfaces. The analysis of SPE adsorbtion layer was carried out and the contribution of electric potential of macromolecules on difusion and a dense part of a double electric layer was calculated. It has great importance for selection of reagents at flotation enrich of ores and for management of filtrational characteristics of deposits and also for improvement of replacement of nonpolar liquids, for example oil, from capillaries.

The research of disperse systems stability has shown possibility of considerable strengthening of WSP flocculating and stabilising action at their association with SAS. The electrostatic and molecular components of proppant pressure on Deryagin were calculated according to theory of DLVO. That is a theoretical basis of management of stability of disperse systems by means of WSP with SAS.

Under Musabekov K.B. supervising import substitute domestic amfolites «Almalites» were developed. They were wide tested in number of country scientific institutions, including in space researches for reception of albuminous molecules with especially high cleanliness. In 1988 on Kazakh SSR EPFE «Almalites» were awarded by the diploma of 1 degree.

Professor K.B. Musabekov gives special attention to working out of innovative technologies. As the scientist-colloidist he considirates the big prospect in management of surface energy, regulation of nanosides and nanosubstances properties. Therefore he stimulates with the big enthusiasm researches on reception of new generation fuel - the concentrated water-coal suspensions, ceramics on the structured clay dispersions basis, magnetic clays of medical appointment.

The big cycle of the basic researches were spent by K.B.Musabekov`s school on reception of bactericidal preparations of the prolonged action. Possibility of prolongation action of medicins and bactericidal preparations by their association with polymeric agents and adsorption on firm carriers were shown.

The interesting direction of scientific activity of K.B. Musabekov is colloid chemistry of biological disperse systems. Complex research of surface properties of microorganism cells and stability of biodispersions to action of high - and low-molecular electrolits and the mechanism bactericidal, coagulating and floculating actions of electrolits, polymers and polymeric-SAS complexes on suspension of microorganism cells were carried out. The conditions of reception on the basis of cells and yeast of new generation catalysts - biocatalysts and also effective biosorbents which have high degree of sewage treatment were optimised.

Structurization in food systems - one more new scientific direction of biodispersions colloid chemistry of professor K.B.Musabekov. The researches in this area are directed on optimisation of conditions of food gels obtaining and reduction of a share of synthetic components of food and replacement their by natural components. By present time laws of formation of the structured weights of gelatin, an agar-agar and melon pulp were studied. They can be recommended as a basis of gel confectionery products.

The results of scientific researches of Musabekov K.B. and his pupils are reflected in more than 700 works, reported on the international, republican symposiums and conferences. Some ones are generalised in joint monography (B.A.Zhubanov, V.N.Izmailova and B.D.Summ «Interphase layers of polyelectrolytes» (Alma-Ata, «Science», 1988). The practical importance science directions are confirmed by 40 author certificates of the USSR and RK patents.

Professor Musabekov K.B. has the powerful contribution in prepare of scientific stuff. Under his supervising were protected 5 doctor and more than 40 candidate thesis and 2 Phylosophy dissertations.

Due to wide scientific erudition and great interest for knowledge Musabekov K.B. maintains close scientific relations with scientists of near and far abroad: Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Hungary, England, Holland, the USA, Spain, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, etc.

Professor Musabekov K.B. gives attention to prepare of young specialists. He reads lectures on high scientifically-methodical level in the Kazakh and Russian languages on colloid chemistry and on «Colloid chemical bases of nanotechnologies», «Modern problems of colloid chemistry», «Technology of reception and application floculants», «Physics chemistry of ionic exchange», «The Physical and chemical mechanics» worked out by him for the first time.

The educational and methodical aids on the Kazakh language were written by him. Researches on technique of chemistry teaching at school of and colloid-chemical disciplines in republic high schools on the Kazakh language and their establishment of the Kazakh chemical terminology are spent.

During the period with 1987 for 1995 K.B.Musabekov has been on a post of the dean of chemical faculty. He has reached certain successes in reorganisation of methodical work, increase productivity fundamental and applied researches at faculty. During this period he has organized the Republican educational methodical centre on chemistry, specialized center of defend theses on colloid chemistry.

At the initiative of Musabekov K.B. on the basis of chair of colloid chemistry the session on physics chemistry of SAS and the physical and chemical mechanics (1989) and the International micro symposium «Colloids and surfaces» (1998) were organized.

Musabekov K.B. is awarded by sign «The honours of education» (1998) for the reached successes in scientific and pedagogical and public work professor. Originality and simplicity of the decision of the scientific and technical problems having great value for Republic Kazakhstan offered on the basis of results of basic researches professor K.B. Musabekov was noted state scientific grant of Ministry of Education and Sciences (MES) of RK for the outstanding contribution to development of a science and technicians.

K.B. Musabekov is awarded by education academician grant MES RK «Best teacher of High School -2007» and for development of the International scientific cooperation is selected by member of the Royal chemical society of England (2008).

For the successes reached in research on colloid-chemical properties of high-molecular SAS in a solution and on interphases professor Musabekov K.B. is selected member of the International Colloid Association on surface phenomena, the European society on colloids and surface phenomena (ECIS), the full member of the New York Academy of sciences. On the eve of the 75 year anniversary of the KazSU academician K.B.Musabekov was awarded by the Big Gold medal of the al-Farabi Kazakh national university for especial contribution of development of university.

Nowadays Kazakhstany School of colloidists created basically due to great scientific enthusiasm of K.B.Musabekov is known by their original researches in area of colloid chemistry of high-molecular ¬surface-active substances in SIC and behind its limits.